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Ep. 11: Love (and Weed) in a time of Corona

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

How cannabis can help (and suggestions for mindfulness around consumption)

Episode Recap

Ashley and producer Sam (LFMT# 106352) talk about how to survive the process of Coronavirus quarantine. They discuss the importance of relaxation, and share best practices for cannabis consumption in the midst of a viral pandemic known for attacking the lungs.

  • “If it feeds your soul, if it feels good for you to do, then by all means do that (content, being creative). But don’t do it because you think you’re supposed to. Don’t do it because you have this idea that by not being productive that you’re a waste of space. You’re surviving and that is the most important thing you can do right now.” -Ashley

  • “This is a time for connection, it is not the time to pressure yourself to be your most productive version of yourself” -Ashley

  • “I’m still smoking a joint here and there, I'm still dabbing here and there but not nearly to the extent I was prior to the virus & I’m really amping up my tinctures, edibles, and topicals rather than inhalation” -Ashley

  • “Don’t pass joints. It’s so ingrained in cannabis consumer culture to puff puff pass that the inclination is still there. So don't puff puff pass! Keep fucking puffing, do not pass.” -Ashley

  • "Relaxation is huge and also setting and respecting boundaries. This is a time where checking in and saying “is it okay to interrupt you right now” becomes even more important." -Ashley


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