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Episode 1: Enter the CannaSexual

Updated: Feb 1

A podcast is born

Welcome to the first episode of Elevated Intimacy Podcast!

Ashley Manta finally has her own podcast!!!! Ashley, aka the CannaSexual®, is joined by producer and certified sex therapist, Sam (LMFT# 106352), to talk sex, pleasure, relationships and cannabis. Ashley shares juicy details about what goes on behind the scenes in porn and dreams about getting high with celebrities. The duo also explore what it means to be your own primary partner and what it is like going to couples therapy with a former boyfriend, who is still a lover. And, of course, there is an expert lesson from the CannaSexual herself on the science and best practices of incorporating cannabis into your sexy times, as well as tips on using cannabis intimacy oils like Foria to marinate a special vulva in your life.

In Case You Missed It

Ashley laments that no one can seem to pronounce her name properly (it's Manta, like Santa!) and considers dropping her last name and simply being known as "Ashley the CannaSexual." [00:25]

Discussing the limitations of porn (it's fantasy, not sex education!) and why your sex life will never look like that. [08:20]

Ashley notes her intention to bring in diverse perspectives to talk about sex, relationships, cannabis, plant medicine, and other topics on the podcast, acknowledging that her voice is not the only one on these subjects. [10:50]

Ashley is non-monogamous, queer, a sexual violence survivor, and lives with chronic pain. [12:31]

How do you undo four years of patterns in a relationship without losing the relationship entirely? What does it look like and how do we relate to each other outside the construct of the relationship escalator? [16:25]

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