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Ep. 13: Finding joy through COVID-19

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

How breath, play, and plant medicine can make a difference while you're isolating

Episode Recap

Ashley and producer Sam (LMFT# 106352) share their insights on ways to increase happiness during this stressful period in time.

  • “When your heart rate gets above 100 beats per minute, your access to your prefrontal cortex -which is where all of your logic and decision making is housed, becomes impaired. So it’s really important to breathe and slow your heart rate down, and also do things to help your body relax.” -Ashley

  • “Invest in a body pillow or a weighted blanket, especially if you live alone. Find soft, cozy things to envelop yourself in.” -Ashley

  • “This is the time to throw out your sense of propriety and all of your ‘I can’t do that, that’s so absurd.’ This is the time to be absurd.” -Ashley

  • “Don’t get caught up in the social media trap, and don’t get caught up in the productivity trap. Because I know a lot of people feel like they should be producing a great American novel right now and that’s just not realistic for most people.” -Ashley

  • “You are not working from home, you are in the middle of a crisis trying to work from home.” This is not a typical situation so expecting yourself to be as productive or as focused as you would be any other time is just a recipe for self-loathing.” -Ashley

  • “Focus on the soul-feeding aspect, don’t focus on “I have to get things done to justify my existence.” -Ashley

  • “Now is the time to try your hand at painting, learn how to crochet. Not because it’s a new skill or for productivity. What can you do that will bring you joy- that will be fun, silly, frivolous, no pressure, and something that is just enjoyable to do.” -Ashley

  • “We have a crisis right now and people may be either terrified by it or turned on by it. Both are normal.” -Ashley

  • “Understanding each others emotions and how they are tied to sex. Respecting as much of the feeling as possible and communicating. Reassuring each other that you are each others safe place in this nightmare.” -Ashley

  • “You can just make out, you can just cuddle. You can find space for intimacy in ways that feel good for both of you without getting caught up in what it’s supposed to look like.” -Ashley

  • “Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with each other. Don’t take anything personally right now. Whatever is going on with the other person, I am 90% sure it has nothing to do with you.” -Ashley

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