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Ep. 12: "Fuck me with sound!" with Katrina Marie

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Two pleasure practitioners geek out about Bodysex and sound-gasms

Episode Recap

Ashley and Katrina have a smoking hot conversation about the Bodysex retreat they attended last summer with Betty Dodson. They share how noises, music, and sounds can contribute to a full-body sexual experience. Katrina Marie is an international sexual empowerment coach, a certified Bodysex facilitator, and a crusader of self love and self seduction.


  • "I don't understand how people have protocols. I just do things I like." - Katrina Marie

  • "Everyone take a really deep breath. Then open your mouth and exhale really slowly. Take another deep breath. Now open your mouth as wide as you can and make an "ahhhh" sound as you exhale." - Katrina Marie

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