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Ep. 10: Reiki and Sex Magick with Maggie May Wilson

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Two Reiki Masters share their tips on energetic sex and manifesting

Episode Recap

Ashley welcomes Reiki Master and sound healer extraordinaire Maggie May Wilson to talk about sex magic, energetic healing, and the power of plant medicine. Maggie is the creator of Reiki Teacher Training, an experience cannabis sommelier, and host of Metaphysical AF podcast.


Learn more about Maggie May Wilson's work on her website, Instagram, and Twitter, follow Reiki Teacher Training on Instagram, and listen to her podcast, Metaphysical AF!

Learn more about Ashley's work on her website, Instagram, and Twitter, and be sure to follow Elevated Intimacy on Instagram and Twitter!

If you're looking for Ashley's online courses on Hand Sex and Dirty Talk, check out Elevated Intimacy Academy.

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